Carrier Infinity Series Wireless Communicating Equipment

Infinity Series Controls

Carrier has introduced the most powerful tools to manage the internal communication between system components and external communications with the user. Carrier Infinity Series products create a fully integrated, self-configuring system that does everything from verifying proper installation to maintaining proper airflow calibration over the whole life of the system. Carrier Infinity Series heating and cooling products are always talking to one another about how to keep your family comfortable.

Advanced technology inside specific air conditioning and heating system products allows components to communicate with one another. That way they’re always automatically configured and calibrated to your preferred settings and constantly troubleshooting to achieve utmost efficiency year after year.

Add the Carrier Remote Access Touch Control Thermostat, and you get a bright touchscreen interface that expands the system’s communication to the ever-expanding world wide web. It includes systems apps for weather, performance, energy costs analysis and much more.